Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Love Texas

I'm sitting in my hotel room editing my photos from this weekends Small Strobe, Big Results workshop in Arlington, TX. It was a blast, we all had fun!

Our host, Mark Gist is a firefighter for the Arlington, FD, Station 14. I photographed Mark in a small space where they store their jackets and helmets. I know there is a name for this room, but just can't think of it.

For this shot I used 3 SB-800 strobes. The key light was a 43" shoot through umbrella, the rear lights rimming Mark are SB-800s each mounted on Justin Clamps and clamped on top of the shelves on each side of the room. These strobes where fitted with full CTO filter over the flash head.

If your interested in attending a Small Strobes, Big Results workshop, we have one opening left for next months Indianapolis workshop, Nov. 10th. We have recently announced our Jan. 10th, 2009 Denver workshop. If you are interest in any of these, do contact me to secure your spot.

If you're interested in hosting or booking a workshop for your club or other corporate communications department, drop me an email. DT


Mark A. Gist said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself here in Texas, David. It was a pleasure hosting you and Eric for the workshop.

Everyone attending really seemed to have learned a lot with the setups that you created for the firefighter scenarios. There was plenty of opportunity for each to try their equipment out and see what they could capture with the lighting setups by attaching a pocket wizard and making their own composition.

From this weekend I'm taking plenty of solid advice that can be used here at the fire department to create some really awesome, "out of the ordinary" shots of our personnel.

This workshop is a must for anyone interested in the minimalist style of lighting techniques. It's all about doing "more with less".

Thanks for sharing your knowledge,

David Tejada said...

Erik and I truly enjoyed ourselves at the workshop. Your location made this workshop one that I will remember fondly

I really enjoy sharing my knowledge about lighting and seeing the excitement in the eyes of the participants as they discover lighting in a new "light".

I look forward to future visits to the Dallas area and when I do, I'll be giving you a call!

Thanks for hosting our Texas Small Strobes, Big Results workshop. DT

bmillios said...

"I know there is a name for this room, but just can't think of it."

Closet? :^)

Athena said...

Thank you so much for a very enjoyable and informative workshop, David. I learned so much. The advice given will make such an impact on the way I now think about my images; and with practice I know it will help me be more creative if not make a me better problem solver. And to think I can turn daytime to night! Who would had ever thought! I feel like a god)dess already. :)

I appreciate all you do to help others get excited about photography and all the valuable information you share on your blog too.