Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Small Strobes, Big Results Workshops

The first Small Strobes, Big Results workshop was held this past weekend in Denver.  We had a wonderful workshop, I enjoyed meeting and getting to know all the participants.

I want to thank our models Enki and Oscar for their time.  We got some really nice photos of both of them throughout the day. We had no less than 7 or 8 demo set-ups that all the participants had an opportunity to shoot for themselves. 

We started the day in the studio talking about light, lighting and the use of grip equipment as well as a few lighting demos before lunch. This photo of Enki was lit using a single SB-800 strobe placed overhead and bounced into various panels.

After lunch we moved out of the studio and into the common space of the building that the studio occupies. We once again photographed Enki in her nursing outfit that she wares at work.

We lit Enki 3 different ways in order to compare the effects of each lighting set up.  This happens to be my favorite lighting for this particular shot.

This particular shot was lit by bouncing a SB-800 off the wall on camera right for a key light and the use of one additional SB-800 hand held from behind Enki camera right for the hair light.

Participants of the workshop wanted to see how to simulate sunlight coming through a window to light a scene. We used our model Oscar and my assistant Eric seated on a sofa looking over a set of blue prints for this photo.  We placed a single SB-800 strobe outside with a full CTO filter on it and fired it using a PocketWizard. The following photos uses the same lighting just shot with a longer lens, an 85 mm f1/4 lens.

We also did a bit more edgy image of Oscar.  We placed him near a yellow wall and lit him with 4 SB-800 strobes.  The key light was an SB-800 place in my DIY Beauty Dish, one strobe for the background snooted to contain the light and two as kickers on either side and from the rear of Oscar.

We also shot my intern Ian in the two shots shown below.  The first here was lit using the beauty dish on a boom over Ian and two SB-800 on the floor pointed at the brick wall.  The white balance was set to tungsten and the dish overhead was gelled with a full CTO filter and the two strobes on the ground had no gels on them which allowed them to shift their color cooler.
The last one photo of Ian was lit using an SB-800 with a grid on it.  The shutter was dragged to capture the ambient light in the room.
I had a wonderful time at the workshop and I'm looking forward to the next Small Strobes, Big Results workshop on August 23.  I have 2 more spaces available for this workshop, if your interested in attending please get a hold of me soon.  DT

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