Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Western Slope Shoot

Working as a corporate location photographer in Denver, I am fortunate to travel throughout the state of Colorado as well as else where.  I was recently on the western slope of Colorado shooting some editorial images for a corporate magazine for a client of mine.

We spent 3 days shooting various subject matter dealing with agricultural tourism in the state.  We stopped by several fruit stands and wine tasting establishments along the way and met some really nice folks.

The photo above was shot at one of those wine tasting establishments.  We photographed the owner out by the collection bins they use when harvesting various fruits.  I was using a 12 mm lens on my D300 and a SB-800 for fill.  You can see my Voice Activated Light Stand below.

I had Erik hand hold the SB just off to the left side directed at the subject.  As a standard practice, I keep an 1/8 CTO permanently attached to each of my strobes.


Mike C said...

Why the permanent CTO?

David Tejada said...

I personally find a small strobe to cold (about 5700*K) By taping an 1/8 CTO on the flash it bring it to a more normal color temp.

philadelphiaphotographer said...

It would be nice if the major flash manufactures could build in some type of filtration that the user could just dial in:CTO,CTB & plus green,at least.

Was Eric that close to your subject and masked out in post or was he just out of frame?

Unknown said...

What white balance stetting did you use with the CTO on the flash?

David Tejada said...

Erik was just out of frame holding the strobe.

The white balance was set to daylight.