Monday, June 30, 2008

Possible Detroit Workshop

There is a good chance that later this summer, sometime in September, I'll be teaching a 3 day intensive "Small Strobes, Big Results" workshop for the government in Battle Creek, MI.  I don't have exact dates just yet but I am interested in extending my stay to hold a one day workshop in the Detroit area.

If you are interested in hosting a "Small Strobes, Big Results" workshop in the Detroit area please let me know.  As host, you must provide a space large enough to accommodate 12-14 participant's.  For doing so, you'll be provide the workshop at no cost.

If you are interested in attending the workshop in Detroit, please let me know.  As you can imagine, it's very hard to plan such an event and knowing what the interest is out there is important.   As a matter of fact, if your interested in attending a workshop anywhere, let me know where you are.  If there is enough interest in your area, I'd love to visit your location.

I'll keep you posted on exact dates as they come available.  DT


gonzalo manera said...

This comment doesn't have anything to do with the workshop... My question is how you attach the diy beauty dish to the Quantum flash in the pic. I have the same one and was thinking about building one for mine.
Thanks for sharing!
Gonzalo Manera

Unknown said...

Well, I was hoping for a Toronto Location but Detroit is a good 2nd choice!

Consider me interested.

Breck said...

the DIY beauty dish! did the paint come off or is this a second one?

David Tejada said...

Actually haven't had the time to paint the outside of it.

As far as the mounting go's, I bought a speed ring that fits both Lumedyne and Qflash. I took the silver mount out of the speed ring and bolted to the back of the dish.

philadelphiaphotographer said...

So what's the story behind the photo? Who pressed the shutter? Is your look of surprise caused by the flash going off in your face, or did a sudden gust of wind threaten to turn your beauty dish into a U.F.O.?

David Tejada said...

My nephew Ian shot this. We thought it would be fun if it looked like the wind was taking it away.

Still need to paint the dish. DT

Muggsy said...

Detroit !!!!!!! I would be very interested in attending a workshop in Detroit...

eddy_impact said...


Interested! I'm in Grand Rapids (2.5 hrs. West of Detroit, 45 min. North of Battle Creek)


kishba said...

I'm from the mid-Michigan area and I would definitely drive down to Detroit for a workshop by you :)

Brandon Kish

David Tejada said...


If you are planning to attend the workshop in Detroit, I need to hear from you. You will need to secure you place as I have lots of interest.

Send me an email please

Unknown said...

I'm totally interested but it's just not in the budget (after reviewing with boss of the house). Thanks for offering to save a spot - I hope you come back again so I can come!


timkwhite said...


Let me begin by thanking you for all the great info from your blog... keeps me motivated and the info is extremely helpful.

I would be going to the Detroit workshop except that it is the day Photoshop World ends in Las Vegas and I will be coming back on the red eye Sunday morning. If you have enough interest for a second Detroit area visit you can count me in. I may be able to help with a location as well.

Thanks again.