Friday, February 09, 2007

In the office

I shot recently in Houston, Texas for an engineering client of mine. I spent the day shooting their employees working on projects and generally doing what they do daily.

I found a lighted drafting table tucked into an employees cubical. I arranged the table to allow me to see back into another cubical, this helps to show depth in the image. I used the lighted drafting table as the light source for the main subject. I also used 2 SB-800 strobes to add color in the foreground-blue- And to light the worker in the background. The strobe in the foreground has a full CTB gel over the strobe head and the rear strobe has a CTO on it.

My client also wanted general "Happy Employee" shots for their files. I set up a location that had a long hallway behind my subject. I set up a large softbox 24"X36" on a stand to the left of the subject(camera right). The softbox was powered with an SB-800 and a PocketWizard to fire it. Down the hall was another SB-800 on a stand with a purple gel and a LightBreak gobo to project a pattern on the rear wall. With the image below, the purple gel was replaced with a sepia color gel. I this photograph you can see the LightBreak pattern projected on the rear wall. These are very common portraits I have to do while on location.

I was also asked to photography a certain employee "Noe" with the Houston skyline in the background. The weather was very overcast and lightly misting off and on. Here is one of the photos of Noe using a wide angle lens. The subject was lit using a large softbox camera left. The softbox had a SB-800 strobe in it and it was fired by my PocketWizard and another SB-800 held by my assistant Erik camera right in order to put light on the railing further down past Noe. I than used a longer lens to compress the background. I hope you like them.

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