Monday, February 05, 2007

Chemical Weapons

The public address system screamed Dawn your MASK, Dawn your MASK. These are the words that greeted me as I was headed out to my car after a full day shooting at the Pine Bluff Chemical Weapons Dismantling Facility in Arkansas.

I was shooting for an engineering client of mine based in Boise, Idaho. One of the images my client wanted me to get was a cool looking control room shot. I was able to get two images in a short 25 minutes.

This first one was lit using 4 portable flash units, 3 SB-800's fired with pocket wizards and one Vivitar 283 with a grid over the flash head. One strobe pointed at the ceiling with a blue gel on it. Another mounted to the ceiling using a ceiling clamp, the strobe was set to a zoom setting of 105. The strobe is lighting the two individuals at the back control panels. There is another strobe behind the back console.

With this image I moved back a bit and put on my 80-400mm lens. I used a small Morris Mini Slave to lite the subject.

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