Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What's Up Adorama?

This is a screen shot of what I would call a cheap shot!  Adorama Camera store in NY is sponsoring a workshop with a very similar title to my series of workshops called Small Strobes, Big Results.

This was brought to my attention by a person named "A Concerned Citizen"  Thanks for bring this to my attention.

I started Small Strobes, Big Results back in 2008, I have worked hard to built my branding. I absolutely think Adorama is trying to benefit from this hard work.  Shame on you Adorama!  I have taught Small Strobes, Big Results all over the world.  I teach at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, Maine Media Workshops, GPP (Dubai), Private workshops in Saudi Arabia, Manila, and Austria.

I've sent an email to Adorama, I'm hoping they might reconsider the naming of there up coming workshop.  Your thoughts?  DT

Up Date:
I just received an email from Adorama apologising for the similarity in the title of Tyler Stableford's workshop. They've changed the title of his workshop to Shooting Action Sports and Portraits with Speedlites.  I want to thank Adorama for the fast resolution regarding my concerns about this issue, your a stand up group. Thanks.


xlphotog said...

I am very disappointed that my preferred supplier of photo equipment would stoop to this.
Nothing short of a public apology will suffice.

John AE5X said...

I agree completely - too many key words to be a coincidence. They are clearly trying to capitalize on your brand/reputation.

Surprising and disappointing.

BTW, I was always a B&H man myself.

David Tejada said...

I hope I'm not coming across as being over sensitive about this. DT

Janet Ramsay and Keith Winsor said...

Your not being overly sensitive, but unfortunately we live in a parasitic world! Everyone seems to be trying to profit from the next persons success.

razorsharpimaging said...

Not at all. Your title is catchy and very unique. It's like your signature now. It would be easy for photographers to have mistaken this for your workshop

Wei Chong said...

Adorama did come through with a quick and open apology and correction. That's good for them.

Unfortunately it happened. Let's move on...

Pat Morrissey said...

Over-sensitive? No way. It was a clear example of intellectual property theft.

Wayne said...

Unless you've copyrighted the phrase, aren't folks ok to use it? I agree, it's close (but not identical). Not having a go, I'm a big fan David and I think Adorama were being both lazy and discourteous, but I don't see any infringement.

I could be wrong.