Monday, January 21, 2013


I did a post about Shooting in Small Spaces a while back.  I thought I'd pass along another solution when confronted with such an issue.  In August this past year I shot an assignment for a local mining company. I spent the day in their Denver offices and a two day trip to Nevada for some site photography.
Another solution to shooting in a small office space is to shoot into it, as though your were eavesdropping on your subjects.  My client wanted a photograph of two geologist working together looking at maps.  I noticed when walking through their offices this one space where the drafting table was positioned near the door in this office.
The drafting table had lights inside of it which I used as my main or key light.  I added a small amount of light bounced off the ceiling in the back of the room.  I used an SB-800 fitted with a full CTB (Color Temperture Blue) gel over the flash tube. The power was set low enough as to not over power the light in the desk and just high enough to open the shadows in the back of the room.

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Wayne said...

I love this type of composition. Great use of colour with th CTB.