Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bed Sheet or Ripstop Nylon

There is one modifier that I do not leave home without, I always carry a large sheet of Ripstop Nylon.  You would also carry a large bed sheet, I just think a sheet has to much weight. 

With a large diffusion sheet be it a bed sheet or nylon fabric, you can shoot your strobes through it or even bounce you light off of it.  In  the photo above, I simply taped the nylon sheet to a window and shot my SB-800 through it.  Soft beautiful light.

If your shooting inside where direct sunlight is streaming through a window, you can use this same sheet to diffuse that harsh light.  I will often in narrow hallways, tape this sheet to the door frame of an office.  Here is an older post regarding that use.

I mention here that I have a Small Strobes, Big Result workshop coming up this August 18th in Denver, for more information regarding attending click HERE.  DT

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Steve Gray said...

Great reminder, David. Another item that works really nicely is a white fabric shower curtain (a typical one is available in any Target store for $10). It's more sheer than a bed sheet, and it packs very easily. And if you forget to pack it, it's easy to pick one up nearly anywhere.