Monday, April 09, 2012

My Nikon Videos

I received news today that the videos I shot with Nikon late last year and now up on their site. I did 3 different videos for them, one dealing with a proper bounce technique, another about artificial sunlight and another about turning day into night. Here are the links to those videos.

Artificial Sunlight
Bounce Technique
Day to Night

I had a lot of fun shooting these videos, I hope you like them. DT


Yep said...

David I just watched the "Day into Night" video and loved it. You explain things very well. Keep up the awesome work!

Pat Morrissey said...

Great series of videos - classic Tejada lighting!

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

Great videos. Love that swimmingpool shot!!
Hope to see some more.

ps I hope I didn't piss you off about that 3 way strobe holder for the umbrella mount

mike said...

Nice job David. Excellent work!

bdagenais said...

Bonjour David,

Nice video, «keep it simple» that's the way you explain it.

Great job!