Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Simple Set-up

Several weeks ago I was teaching at the Maine Media Workshops. I love teaching there, what a great place to visit and a wonderful staff at the school. I would like to thank my TA "Justin Clamp" Jason Esposito for working so hard during the week. I look forward to teaching in Maine next year!

The photo shown at the top of this post is that of Margaret H., she was a signing interpreter provided by the workshops for one of my students. Rocky, lost his hearing at the age of 9 months of age. He has taken close to 20 workshops thought the years, studying with Ansel Adams, and Minor White. It was a real pleasure to have Rocky in my class, I was able to pick up some signing by the end of the week.

The lighting for the photo above was handled in the following manner. I first placed the background ambient light to the density of my choosing. You can see here that that test shot shows the set-up.

On the left side of the frame, you can see the Lastolite Tri-Grip being held in one hand and a Nikon SB-800 in the other. The exposure was 1/250th @ f3.2. This has got to be the fastest way to shoot a quick portrait. All you need is a voice activated lightstand (VAL). Here is the second of the two I took of Margaret.


benjamin harte said...

Hi David,

Really like the way you've lit this!

All the best,


Mo said...

I've been following your blog for a while now (courtesy of Nikonians). I really like the lightning in this shot. Did you shoot through the tri-grip?

David Tejada said...

Hi Marayo: Yes, the flash was shot through the Tri-Grip. DT

Tuga7 said...

Good work! Nice light control! Good compositions.