Friday, July 23, 2010

First Day in Newport Rhode Island "Mentor Series"

Having a wonderful time in Newport Rhode Island on my my 5th Mentor Series. The weather was a bit wet today but we still managed to squeeze out a few shots.

This photo of skipper John was lit using a single SB-800 held by a Mentor Series participant. The flash only had the diffusion dome on it, it was held as close to our subject without showing in the frame. When I'm doing shots similar to these, I always meter for the background or ambient and then lit up the strobe.

The frame below, shows the ambient portion of the exposure prior to adding the strobe. Your shutter speed controls the ambient and your aperture controls your flash exposure.

Just a quick mention, we still have a few spaces available for the Egypt Mentor Series Trek. If you would like to join us, please contact them HERE. DT

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philadelphiaphotographer said...

Concerning the "Mentor Series:"I'm currently studying the history of photography. In the late 1800's Egypt was a popular destination with French photographers, as Egypt was a French colony. British photographers went to India. Photographers put together travel albums that sold well to the public. The preferred medium of the day was the calotype, exposures in bright light was ten minutes, but of course they did not have SB 900's.