Friday, March 06, 2009

ASMP Philadelphia Chapter

I'll be in Philadelphia, PA in the next 2 weeks. Not only will I be conducting my Small Strobes, Big Results Workshops at Eastern State Penitentiary, I'll be speaking to the local chapter of the ASMP in Philly. I'll be speaking at the commercial studios of "Power Plant Productions" the evening of March 19th. The event starts at 7 PM, I'll be there for a meet and greet starting at 6 PM. It is my understanding that ASMP members are free and there is a small cover charge for others. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you that attend, should be a fun night.

I should also mention that I have 4 space available for the second Eastern State Penitentiary workshop being held on the 21st of March.

Since I'm mentioning availablity of workshops, I also have space available for the, April 13th workshop in San Francisco, CA. We'll be shooting in and around the pier buildings along side the docks. This will be a unique location with lots of potential.

I have just two more workshops to mention, Orange County, CA. April 16th and Denver on April 25th. Please contact me if you are interested in attending any of these workshops.

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Delos said...


Is there any chance that you will be getting back to posting tutorial type info and videos in the near future. I always found those educational and entertaining.