Sunday, February 01, 2009

Colorado Strobist Presentation

I'm very honored to be speaking to and visiting with the Colorado Strobist Group! On February 8th, 2009 at the North Denver Photography Studio in Northglenn, Colorado. We'll be starting at 4 PM and ending when the final questions is answered.

I'll be showing a body of work from various corporate assignments and discussing how many of those images where created. I share some tips and tricks about lighting and I'll be answer all your questions regarding business, workflow and anything else your interested in.

If your interested in attending, I've been told that there is a $10 admission fee for the rental of the location where this event is being held. The location and directions to the North Denver Photography Studio can be found HERE.


Debbi_in_California said...

How does this work? I have a college class on lighting that I would love to have you as a speaker. We have a limited budget. Do you do gigs like that?

David Tejada said...

Hi Debbi: I would love to speak at your class. Please give me a call or email me.

Scott said...

I just registered. Looking forward to this event! Thank you.

Unknown said...

Last nights presentation and dinner afterward were great David! Thank you so much for speaking to our group and sharing so much valuable knowledge.

I am right now looking at some business practice things and figuring out how to implement and change some of what I do based on the info you presented last night.

Great stuff!


PictureYourWorld said...

It was great meeting you David. I took some notes during your presentation and shared them on my blog! Don't forget to email me about a possible Denver Post article!

Mel Haynes, Jr said...

Who knew a simple email could lead to such a great experience. I have enjoyed your blog and videos for a while now, but after the strobist meet, I learned to appreciate your work even more and then at dinner I went back to just "enjoying"...kidding ;)

I am sure many people (including myself) got a lot out of the technical dissection of the photos and the minimal amount of lights that it takes to create "big results" (why am I plugging your workshops in my comments?), but I got much more out of it than "SB-800s rule!". The crafting of the photos gave me a new respect for your work. The approach to creating them and the artistic value that came out of the results inspired me much more than the technical aspects. You paint a scene with composition, light, color in ways that I relate to in my approach to photography, but on a grander scale. It was a treat to see this attention paid to photography that seems to be a rare trait anymore.

As the organizer of the event, I want to thank you for showing up and proving that you are just like the rest of us....well most of us at least and sharing soo much with us.

You will always be welcome in our little Colorado strobist group anytime. I will make sure to give you plenty of warning when we have a location with enough brick walls for you.

David Tejada said...

Thanks Mel for your kind comments. It was my pleasure to visit with your group. I learned a few tricks as well!