Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My First Mentor Series Trek-Day One

I'm currently sitting at the gate on concourse B at DIA and wouldn't you know it, my flight is late. I'm headed to Las Vegas to meet up with the other mentors and representatives from Popular Photography for my first Mentor Series Trek. I'll be participating on my first Mentor Series Trek, where headed to Death Valley, CA for 5 days of shooting and instruction. I'm really excited to be involved with the Mentor Series, I hope this will grow to more treks for me in the future.

Usually there are only 2 mentor per trek which allows for a maximum of 20 participants per mentor. We have added an additional mentor due to the Park Service requirements of limiting the number of persons at any given location to 12 persons. I'll be learning more about this later this evening during dinner in Las Vegas.

I will try to continue posting while out on this trek, I know my days will be long and the morning will be arriving early. I'll do my best to keep you informed what I'm experiencing and how things are going.

I made it to the hotel an hour late today, the room is comfortable and I'm looking forward to dinner.

Until later. DT


Unknown said...

Have fun, I bet your weather will be better there, then here in Co/Wy.

The Co Strobists are having a shoot in Cheyenne, I hope it is not snowy this weekend.

ingalbraith said...

nice dave, nice

Tom Legrady said...

Hey! I'm heading to the airport this afternoon for a photo workshop HQ-ed at Stovepipe Wells. Would be cool to cool to see you in the hall. It'll be like the jets and the Sharks, two workshop groups competing for the conference room, the overhead projectors, the bartender.

Erik Lawrence said...

killer hat!!! Where's the towel girl?

Hill Reflects said...

I hope the dinner was good. Adding another mentor and having only 12 participants, even if it is required, does mean more knowledge transfer. I hope it goes well.