Saturday, November 15, 2008

Looking Back These Past Few Months

When I'm not shooting or testing various lighting set ups, I'm trying to keep up with all my image files in Lightroom.  Yesterday I found myself working with all my images shot thus far in 2008.  I put together a web gallery in Lightroom and have post it HERE.  I'll be narrowing down these images to just a few of the winners for 2008 at the end of the year.

If you see an image in the web gallery you'd like more information about, let me know.  I'll be happy to discuss how the images was created, the lighting and what ever else you'd like to know.  

I have lots of video to go over, all shot while on recent assignments and I hope to post those and more details about the individual images created at the Indy workshop of Small Strobes, Big Results.

Hope your having a wonderful weekend.  DT


Unknown said...


You've got a lot of great work in your gallery!

Could you comment on the image with the 4 men in suits (3rd page of gallery).

Seems like you have some light coming in from your left but how much and how did you expose for the ambient without getting movement from the execs?

In other words, how did you light these 4 people with small lights?


David Tejada said...

Hi Peter. Lit the group with a 60" shoot through umbrella on a boom. Placed in front and overhead. DT

Michael Gowin Photography said...

I always enjoy your posts and images, David. Thanks for sharing your work and insights. I didn't realize you'd been in the area for the Indianapolis workshop (I'm in central IL). If you're back this way, I'll try to make arrangements to attend.

On page 5, the firefighter in the top row--is that just a single SB unit lighting the subject? Or is there something more involved happening?

David Tejada said...

Hi Mike. Thanks for your comments. As far as the lighting on the firefighter is concerned.

I was using a small Morris Mini Wide, a small optical slave driven strobe to light his face. This strobe was placed on his laptop.

There is an SB-800 behind the subject with a full CTO gel on the flash head in order to cool the light. There is one other SB-800 in the cab of the truck bounced in order to open some of the shadows.

George said...

Hi David, Great work. Where was the light in the photo of Erik & the model?

Will you be taking your seminar to the New York area?

Can you discuss more on marketing in future posts?

Thanks, George

David Tejada said...

Hi George. I think the image your referring to is on the 4th page, top row on the right?

The male model is not Erik, his name is Chris and he was wonderful to photograph him with Rakel our female model. I would really like to thank both of them for their time and efforts.

If that is the photo you asked about, the lighting was quite simple. I'll be doing a detailed post regardig that very photo.

I bounced one SB-800 into the wall which was at camera right. I have another down the hall pointing straight towards my lens. Both models blocked the rear flash for striking my lens.

Freelance fotograaf Jürgen Doom said...

David, it's all great work in your gallery, very proficient! IMHO, I would leave out a few of the "ordinary" portraits (where almost no extra lighting is involved). To me, it makes your very strong portfolio a little weaker.
Nevertheless, it's always very interesting to read your blog, the watch your video's and to look at your images. I hope you keep that up.

Any chances on coming to Europe for a workshop?

Kind regards

Phat Baby Photographer said...

Beautifully composed and diverse portfolio. I especially enjoy the center image on the 4th page. Is there a strobe behind the laptop and another with a blue gel to camera right? It looks believable so it's hard to tell.