Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Indy Workshop Results

What a wonderful Small Strobes, Big Results workshop we had in Indianapolis, ID. I want to extend a very special thanks to our host Polina Osherov. for opening her studio to us and for having such a fantastic location to shoot. Polina's studio is located in the Stutz building in Indy, If I lived in Indy, I'd have my studio there. For sure.  Check out Polina's post about the workshop HERE.

We had a full house at the workshop, my apologies to those that wanted to go but could not attend. Unfortunately we could not accommodate all of you that wanted to attend. I really like Indy and hope to return for another workshop sometime in the future!

The building where the workshop was held is fantastic! It use to be the manufacturing plant for the Stutz automobile. They use to have the famous saying "The Car That Made Good in a Day". Really neat space to shoot in, for sure.

It was a pleasure to meet all the fine photographers who participated in the workshop. This group really got into shooting all the the lighting demos that I did for them. Each of them had opportunity to shoot and work with the models. Janet P. had some truly beautiful variations by changing her angle of view and moving around. Way to go Janet.

I'm looking forward to seeing the other attendees work from the workshop. After the workshop we all went to dinner where I was able to answer last minute questions regarding work flow, lighting, business etc. This was a fun workshop guys, thanks for coming and I hope you learned a lot.

Here are a few images from our one day workshop in Indy. I'll be making full posts regarding the lighting of the images and such. We also shot video and will be posting that as well.

If you're interested in leaning location lighting using small strobes, looking into getting yourself to one of my workshops. Small Strobes, Big Results workshops are informative, fun and it just might shave a few years off your leaning curve. Our next workshop is being held in Denver on Jan. 10th, 2009.

What's coming up: I'll be leading my first Mentor Series Trek to Death Valley with fellow photographer Bill Durrence from February 18-22, 2009. On March 19, 2009 I'll be in Philadelphia speaking to the local chapter of the ASMP and on Friday the 20th, I'll be conducting a Small Strobes, Big Results workshop at Eastern State Penitentiary. Yes, at the Penitentiary. This is going to be really cool, more about that later. OK I'll show you what the place looks like, just a few shots.
Here are some of the photos I created for the workshop in Indy! Enjoy. DT


Vincent said...

Really nice stuff David, what I really like and admire in the work is the finesse of using the strobes! I will say it once again...I really do hope that you will come to Southern Spain one day. I´ll be happy to make the arrangements

Looking forward to your next post

Regards Vincent


David Tejada said...

Polina- Thanks again for hosting our workshop! Erik and I really enjoyed ourselves. Your location was wonderful I'd love to shoot in your building again. DT

shawna said...

David, thanks so much for teaching us some 'sick' lighting techniques. We loved having you and Erik in Indy for a day. You rocked it out and we appreciate it. Now maybe, I'll get my SB800's out and {play} a little :-) thanks again!

David Tejada said...

Shawna. It sure was a pleasure meeting you as well! What a fun group we had, I had a blast. DT

Unknown said...


Thanks to you & Erik for putting on a fun workshop. It was great meeting you after checking out your blog on a daily basis. Look forward to your posts and especially the videos of your assignments.

The workshop information was informative. I especially enjoyed the working with gels and seeing & listening to your though process in each shot.

The Stutz Building was a great location and the group was really a fun bunch. Thanks to everyone for making it a great day.

Tom Marriage