Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wanting to post

I've been so busy these past several day and have not had the time to post to my blog. I have just returned from Florida where I have been photographing the construction of a large bridge. Erik and I have shot some nice video and I will be posting soon.

It is really hard to keep up when your shooting a lot and your schedule is packed, I'm doing my best. I leave on Tuesday for St. Louis for another assignment, back on Thursday. I really hope to post the video from the fashion shoot of a few weeks ago, video from the San Diego shoot and now from the Florida shoot.

I'm not a Chase Jarvis with a staff of people to help me, I'm truly a one man band. When I'm not shooting I'm looking for new business, answering email, working on mine and my late fathers taxes, blogging and trying to have some personal time with my family. I also have two workshops coming up in Feb. which I am looking forward to.

I guess what I am asking for is some patience, new videos and more comprehensive posts are coming. I know that it is a self imposed pressure I put on myself, I just wanted to let you know what's been going on. DT

The image posted above is from my newly converted D-70 camera to infrared. I'll have a future post about that also.


Anonymous said...

Hey, there's no need to explain yourself to us! It's nice, but certainly not necessary. You take care of what needs to be taken care, and if in the course of all that you fund time to make a post—something to help the community, and a much appreciated free resource—then all the better for all. But running yourself ragged is no way to live.

ingalbraith said...

dang, that IR looks great

Unknown said...

Good luck in finding some "patients," Dr. Tejada ;)

In the meantime I'll exercise patience as I await the D70 IR conversion post.

Anonymous said...

Same general feeling as Ben. I would love to see you post more, but understand that you have work to do. Thanks for letting us see part of your life and work.

Anonymous said...

Take a deep breath... relax... we'll be here waiting when you have time to post. Don't let us add to your stress.

Remember - you eat an elephant one bite at a time. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed.

We'll be here.

Unknown said...

Your business and life come first. I appreciate the effort you put out on your blog to provide information and incentive. It is very much appreciated.
Thanks for everything.

TSpringsteen said...


IMO family always comes first, then work, family again, finally us somewhere near or at the very end :) It only takes 3 seconds to pop onto your blog and check for new content. If there is nothing new, no big deal, back tomorrow. You are a really busy guy who is providing a fantastic, free service, to fellow photogs. Thank you.


Will said...

Can't wait for the D70 conversion post, just thinking about doing that too....

TonyB said...

I agree with ben. Your posts have been a great resource to draw on from an amateur looking for tips on how to hone my skills.

Photography is your business and that and your family should come first for you. I can wait for when you find the time out of your busy schedule for the next post.