Thursday, January 03, 2008

Just having fun

Yesterday I had a chance to do a lighting test with Ian. I was shooting with my new D300 and my DYI ring flash. I'm really enjoying my new camera, little noise at higher ISO's (1240 ISO is no problem).

Anyway, the set up here was the ring flash in front of course and 2 SB-800's on stands just behind and on either side of Ian. The snow in the background was quite bright and I was forced to shoot at a higher f-stop than I wanted to. I suppose if I had used an SC-17 cord on the master flash, I may have been able to use high speed sync using Nikons CLS?

I also tried putting the above photo of Ian into a landscape and applying a "Dave Hill" post processing trick. There are two tutorials to look at if your interested the the process. The first appears on a flickr discussion group HERE. The other is located at, this is more of a Gritty/Sandy type process.

I'm headed to St. Augustine, Florida for the next few days and will be unable to post during that time. I look forward to visiting with you on my return. DT


Anonymous said...

Hi David! I am also trying out this ringlight thing, it's pretty cool. I don't have any sb800's but i think that you could have used the AutoFP High Speed Sync mode on the D300, it's in the Custom Settings Menu for Flash/Bracketing. That should take you all the way to 1/8000s, at the cost of much reduced power output though.

Carlton SooHoo said...

Thanks David. What software do you use for isolating the object from the background? Or do you do this manually with the pen tool?

David Tejada said...

I use photoshop software. The lasso tool on this one. DT