Friday, September 14, 2007

Road Rags for light control

I recently purchased a set of Matthews Road Rags Light Control Kit. I think these control devices will come in handy. The kit comes in two sizes 18"X24" and 24"X36". My kit is the smaller of the two.

Road Rags are extremely portable light modifiers, the kit comes with a couple of scrims, a flag, one silk and 2 frames to hold them. This kit is very portable and lite weight. The complete kit measures 20"x5"x8" inches (LxWxH). The frames are made of aluminum and are joined with elastic shock cords, very similar to collapsible tent poles.

Here is a look at the kit folded into it's travel size.

You can see from the photo at the left that the frames fold up quite small. The photo below shows the frame opened.

It appears that the frame is larger that 18"x24" however, when the modifiers are placed over the frame it pull in to the 24" width.

I ran a test to see how the artificial silk would work as a diffusion for my small strobes. I used a flexarm to position the frame and a Matthews Miningrip Head to hold the frames.

I used an SB-800 mounted behind the silk just to the left out of frame. I also place a reflector to bounce some light back in on the shadow side of my face. You can see the set up in the next two photos.

As I continue to try to lighten my load, I find tools like Road Rags that add to the stuff I carry. Time will tell if I get the use out of these as I thought I would when I purchased them.


Ant said...


How do you rate the Road Rags as part of your kit, do you REALLY use the flexibility that they no doubt offer as opposed to a soft box or shoot through. I've always liked the idea about being able to vary the distance between flash head and the diffusion material but I wonder how often I would in practice, shooting people in the work place, in a similar manner to you.

Thanks and I think your posts are excellent.

David Tejada said...

I really like the Road Rags. They allow you a lot of creative freedom that perhaps a soft box or snooted strobe can't. I've used these rags to create shadows where none would have been. Just more control. DT

Ant said...

Thanks for the feedback


Unknown said...

Hi David, Came across your post while searching for flags. I am curious to know if the spigot on the road rag flag is would fit a standard manfrotto or lastolite grip head? This would save purchasing the Matthews mini grip head, although I suspect as its called 'mini' the size is not standard. Many thanks

David Tejada said...

Hi Alex: The shaft of the Road Rags will fit into a standard umbrella adapter. DT

Unknown said...

Thanks David