Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just another lighting test

Just another lighting and equipment test. This is a photo of my son Chris on his bike in our driveway.

The lighting was very much straight forward, a single light placed camera right. I was using a Lumedyne 800 pack with a large octabox as the light modifier.

I shot this using my Nikon D2X with a Nikon 24mm-85mm lens. I was wanting to see what kind of power or f-stop I could obtain using an 800 pack. The f-stop used was f/14.0 at a shutter speed of a 1/10th of a second. The focal length was 62 mm. I just love the camera data available with every image.

Yesterday I learned that I'll be shooting the complete annual report for a very large construction company. Their specialty is highway construction, I've been told that I will be shooting 8 to 12 projects all around the country. I'm really looking forward to this assignment and I plan to shoot some video while on assignment so I can post some it here in the blog. To see samples of the type of work I anticipate shooting on this assignment please go to Here.
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