Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Still testing with Polaroid!

Even in this digital age, I'm still using Polaroid to evaluate my photos before committing them to pixels. I have been using a portable DVD player made by Polaroid Corporation attached to my Nikon D2X. I'm sure their are several brands of portable DVD players to choose from. I use Bogan Super Clamps to attach the DVD player to my tripod. I usually only use this set-up when am lighting or their are other at the shoot that need to see a more detailed preview.

This system works well for me, I hope it does for you.


David said...

cool, I can't wait to show this to a buddy of mine that is a product photographer.

Anonymous said...

zthis looks like it would be very useful! i would think it would be much better for previewing pictures for clients.

i need one now!