Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Photo Talk Radio Listeners

Welcome Photo Talk Radio listeners! and welcome to those who have just ran across my blog.

I have just finished a live interview with Howard Lipin and Michael Garcia with Photo Talk Radio. I want to thank Howard and Michael for the opportunity to visit with your listeners. I hope you found the interview interesting and informative. If you did not have a chance to hear the interview you can hear it by following this link David's Interview

This photograph to the left reminds me of the paths we all take in life. You just never know where they may lead you.

Photography has taught me to see, it is remarkable to me how little most people see as they move throughout their daily life's. There are picture everywhere; design and graphics, color and shadow, starkness and mood are present in all things. As an annual report photographer you must be innovative in all aspects of your art; your application of technique; light; your use of equipment, models, products and your relationships with art directors or editors.

You need to feel equally comfortable roving in a helicopter over an off-shore drilling platform, lighting in a laboratory setting or shooting a CEO in Manhattan. You need to be an effective communicator, comfortable with all employees from management to support field staff, and sensitive to the political and inter-personal issues in the work place. You must be an excellent problem solver, adapting quickly to changing conditions and technical challenges, while remaining focused on the assignment goals and adhering to practical time and financial constraints. "These are the very aspects to corporate assignment work that one needs to be focused on." I should just leave it here. Thanks for reading.


Photo Talk Radio said...


Mike and I want to thank you for the informative and fun time we had with you on the March 11th edition of Photo Talk Radio. A lot of great and easy to understand photo tips and information for everyone who listened to the live broadcast and will continue to learn when they catch the show in the archive on their schedule at http://www.worldtalkradio.com/archive.asp?aid=6116.

We look forward to having you visit with us in the future for more photo tips and information on Photo Talk Radio, "The Worldwide Voice of Photography and the place Where You Really Can See Photos On The Radio."

Thanks for being part of Photo Talk Radio!

Howard and Mike
Photo Talk Radio

David Tejada said...

Thanks agian for the opportunity!