Monday, May 21, 2012

In Support Intellectual Property Rights

I received an email from my friend Quest Couch last week, Quest is the CEO of LumiQuest.  LumiQuest as you know, makes all those really cool light modifiers that I and so many of you use on a daily basis.

Quest has created a campaign in support of intellectual property rights.  As a creative individual, I'm in full support of Quests efforts. He has put a website together devoted to this effort, you can learn more about Quest's campaign for the protection of intellectual property rights at QuestForRights.  As creative individuals, we all understand the importance of protecting our creative efforts whether it's our photographs, product we developed or whatever intellectual property you've put forth.

It has been said that "imitation" is a form of flattery.  I'm all for competition in the market place, it creates innovation and improved products for the consumer.  However, the outright theft of intellectual property by lazy individuals or companies is unethical and illegal.  Doing so, only produces cheap unifier products and stifles innovation.  For me, I'm in support of the "Real McCoy"

Please check out  QuestForRights, and add your comments. 

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