Monday, January 10, 2011

One Large Octa

For the past 8 years at this time of year, I shoot about 50 headshots and 2 executive portraits for a client of mine. This year like every year, I receive a layout to follow for the executive photos. This year, the photos were to be used as double page spreads with a huge text box on one of the pages. For this particular photo, the text box was on the right page.

When we scouted locations a week prior to the shoot, we of course had no idea what sort of weather we were going to have. The truck was much to large to place inside the garage in case the weather went south. I also did not have any control over the timing of the photo, availability of our subject was based on meeting taking place during the annual meeting being held.

I chose to bring my Lumedyne pack just in case I had to over power the sun. This would assure fast recycle times and allow me the DOF needed. Here is the set up shot, photos provided by my assistant for the day Brian Hatch. As a note of interest, I met Brian on Facebook while he was working as a medic in Afghanistan.

I can't stress this enough, you need to test your lighting prior to the subject arriving on set. I used one of my friend Jonathan who works in the communications department with my client. This is Jonathan standing in before the boss shows up.

As it turned out, it began snowing just as I took the last photo of the session. I could have easily made this photo using my SB-800's.

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Jon - Jon C. Haverstick | PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Nice work, as always, David! Wanted to let you know I recently purchased a pair of Paul C. Buff collapsable octaboxes (the 35 and 47") and given the portable nature of your kit, you might want to look into these if you haven't already. They're fantastic!

Now, I love my Amvona octas that you turned us on to with the SSBR workshop here in Anaheim, but since Amvona's gone, I've had to look elsewhere. And the PCB folding octas can't be beat for quick and easy setup.

Anyway, thought I share.. Happy New Year!


Brian said...

Glad you were able to use the pictures, Dave!

Thanks as always for having me along!

Glenn said...

I love Octabox. Nice works you got here sir.