Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Turn on the Light

During my week of teaching at the Maine Media Workshops, I did a quick demonstration outside of the studio in downtown Rockport. On the shadow side of the building, I positioned a workshop participant outside of one of the doorway. I wanted to create a feeling of a late evening with someone standing under a street light or some other sort of light source.

The photo below shows you what the scene looked like according to my cameras metering system. You can see the painters pole and strobe set-up leaning against the wall. I use a Shur-Line expandable paint pole with a Kacey Pole Adapter.
After looking at my LCD screen and determining that the photo above did not look like night time, I then under-exposed the scene by about 2 stops perhaps 2 1/2 stops. I had a fellow student hold the light over head and I adjusted the power for the aperture I was shooting at. Here is another view with the light moved with a different composition. You can actually see the paint pole in the shot.


Steve Schuenke said...

On your setup shot of the paint pole, there looks to be some kind of articulated extension between the pole and flash. Can you elaborate?
Steve Schuenke

David Tejada said...

Hi Steve: That extension is the spots handle on the FourSquare. That handle is attached to a Bogen umbrella adapter. DT