Saturday, November 20, 2010

LumiQuest SoftBox LTp

Lumiquest has recently added a new "larger" portable softbox to their lineup. The SoftBox LTp is roughly twice the size of their SoftBox III. The surface area is over 40 times that of the flash itself, producing the softest shadows of any of LumiQuest SoftBoxes.

The LTp was designed to fit into a laptop pocket of your camera bag or backpack which makes it that much more convenient to carry a larger SoftBox.

I photographed my son on the front porch of our home using the new LTp SoftBox. In a matter of moments I was able fasten the SoftBox on a boom and start shooting. You can see the SoftBox in the top of the frame in the following image.

This new SoftBox has over 120 sq. inches of surface area, a vast improvement over the smaller SoftBox III. I'll be carrying one of these in may bag for those quick and easy portraits we sometime have to make. Here are a couple of more images, the second one is when I moved the flash to camera left and moved into high speed sync in order to get that beautiful shallow depth of field.


dd said...

hey david, is that a cut of CTO on your flash giving you the blue ambient in the background?

David Tejada said...

Hi dd: My white balance was set to daylight for all of these images. The blue you see is from the blue sky behind me. DT