Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Nikon CoolPix P90

Nikon provide me the opportunity to try out their new CoolPix P90. I received the camera shortly before I went to Costa Rica and Saudi Arabia. This is a fun camera and I thought you might enjoy seeing a few images I've created using this camera. The camera has a few feature I really like, one thing I don't like is it does not have the option to shoot in RAW. The feature I used most was changing the image size. I found myself using the 9:16 and the 1:1 ratios the most.

Another fun feature is the ability to add a black stroke around your image for play back on the camera. It give the image a finished professional look to it, sort of a fine art matting. The images are sharp and rich in detail, not a bad little camera.

This was a photo I took just outside my hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica prior to the Mentor Series Trek start. I just love the colors here.

This photo was taken during a short bus stop near a fruit stand and restaurant on the side of the road.

During our trip we stopped by a butterfly center, I found this the perfect time to try out the macro capabilities of the P90. The center photo above is a detail of a butterfly's wing tip. It is designed to mimic a snake... pretty cool.

The photos above are details of the corrugated plastic doors separating each of the butterfly rooms from one another. The plastic was a light blue and back lit with natural light.

I made this photo while walking around the hotel that I was staying at on my last night in San Jose, Costa Rica. The late afternoon light coming through the windows was gorgeous.

The next series of images were produced while I was in Saudi Arabia several weeks ago.

When changing planes in Amsterdam, I had the opportunity to shoot a few images in the terminal, without airport security noticing.

I had a short amount of time site seeing while in Saudi Arabia, having the P90 allowed for those quick travel type snaps.

Here are a few detail shots I did at the hotel that I was staying at while teaching my workshops.

I like shooting with this camera, just wish I had the ability to shoot RAW. DT


benjamin harte said...

Hi David,

I like the pictures and colours that you and the camera have produced. I am waiting for Nikon to release a compact camera that will shoot in RAW and deliver decent (for a compact camera) results in low light...

Unknown said...


Give in to the dark side. Try out a Canon G10 or G11. Wonderful RAW files at ISO 80. Not great at ISO 200 and downright ugly at ISO 400 but hey, it's not a DSLR.

Add a lens adapter and CP filter and things really start to get interesting. Pop on a flash trigger (PW or RP) and give those SB900's of yours a workout.


Unknown said...

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