Monday, February 15, 2010

My First Saudi Arabian SSBR Coming To A Close

It is with great sadness that my first Saudi Arabian Small Strobes, Big Results Workshops are coming to an end. I have been here for the past 6 days teaching two SSBR workshops and one Industrial workshop.

I have made so many wonderful friends here in Saudi Arabia. I want to thank each and everyone who attended my workshop here and for making me feel so welcomed to your camera club and country, thank you so very much.

I'll be returning to the states on the 18th and then back out on the 21st down to The Santa Fe Workshops for my week long SSBR workshop. I look forward to returning down to SF for these workshops. I have a sold out class next week, and a few spaces left for my March 21 workshop in SF. Contact the school if you would like to grab the last few space available for that week. DT


Unknown said...

awesome stuff David!!! Keep it up!!!

Unknown said...

Hope you get home safley while you reading my comment ;-)

Thank you for your effort Mr. Tejada, it was nice experiment taking this kind of courses with you.

Regardig the picture I think it miss somthing -Did you get it ;-) -; I wasn't in it Hahaaha.

Unknown said...

Regarding my previuos comment, I was just kidding, I'm In the picture.

Unknown said...

Mr. David I hope you reach home safely
I am realy happy to see such fames & professional photographer like you in Saudi Arabia sharing your experiment with us.
your present still in my mind and my colleague as will.

thak you for your time, your efforts & your patience

best regards

Ali Ibraheem Q.

amai911 said...

Great workshop from a Historical man in photography with almost 3 decades of experience.


Unknown said...

Hi David,

Let us know when you're coming here to Dubai