Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Santa Fe Workshop - Sold Out sort of.

The Santa Fe Workshop I'm teaching on Feb 21, 2010 is sold out. I understand that their are at least 5 or 6 on a standby list and if we can get a few more interested folks, we will add an additional workshop. I have set aside the week of March 21st for this additional workshop should it happen. If your interested in a week long SSBR workshop in Santa Fe, please contact the workshop and get yourself on the list.


Matt said...

I am very new to the world of flash photography. I just recently started my first real, albeit small, collection of professional strobes. Your work is great, thanks sharing it on the blog. I found you on Strobist and you've really helped me make sense of the fundamentals of lighting in a way no text book ever has.

crocksta said...

David, are you planning on coming to Boston this year? if so, how many people do you need for a workshop?