Sunday, October 04, 2009

Lumiquest ShutterBug Ad

I was recently featured in a LumiQuest Ad which appeared in ShutterBug magazine. I specifically photographed Jessica the archer for this ad. I wrote about this shoot several posts back, you can read about it here. I particularly like their snoots for concentrating and controlling my speed lights.


Juha Ylitalo said...

So what started as personal project turned out to be commercial shot?
At least, when I read the older article it sounds like something that you do for your own fun (instead of commercial purposes), even though you kindly list what equipment you were using for the photographs.

David Tejada said...

It actually was and is a personal project. The archer as well as the fencing photos from a later post are part of a on going personal project.

I new that Lumiquest wanted a photo shot only using their products at some point, I felt I could do so with that particular photo.

I have several other sports related subjects currently in the works. DT