Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Small Strobes, Big Results Buffalo, NY

Registration is now open for a up coming Small Strobes, Big Results workshop in Buffalo, NY. The workshop will be held on Sunday June 28th. Our workshop will be hosted by Alyssa and Rich Mattingly, and they are working to obtain some very special locations for us to photograph at.

These workshops are fun! I really enjoy putting these together and helping photographers shave years off the learning curve when it comes to lighting. These workshops fill up quickly, we only have space for 12 participants. To get a good feel for what a SSBR workshop is like, check out the video at the upper right corner of the blog.


Labelle Photo said...

Hi David,

A while back you asked if there was any interest in a Toronto area workshop.
Did anything come of that?


David Tejada said...

Hi Jean: Buffalo, NY is the closet that I'll be coming to Toronto. I have several obligations in up state NY during that time period and thought it more convenient to stay close to Buffalo.

I have a speaking engagement at the 48th Annual UPAA Symposium earlier in the week.

I hope to see many Toronto folks at the workshop. DT