Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Image of the Day - 5/1/08

This photo is an out take from an assignment I shoot for the Godwin Group Advertising Agency in Jackson, Mississippi. I was commissioned to create several photos for a campaign regarding fire prevention. The window concept was shot with an open flamed candle near the window sill. The candle was going to be digitally added in post production.

I set my camera to a tungsten setting and shot a "daylight balanced" strobe through the window from outside. The shift of color temperature simulated in my mind moonlight. The art director and my assistant are lying down on the floor moving the curtains with their hands to simulate a light breeze.

Hope you like it. DT


Lex the mom said...

I do like it & it does feel like moonlight is coming through the window. Lovely shot.

christian said...

This "Image of the day" series is great. I learn so much from your little bits of information. Keep it coming.

Regards, Christian.