Monday, March 24, 2008


Regular readers of this blog know that I bought a Canon G9 several months ago. I just love this camera, not only can I shoot video, It makes beautiful 12.1 mega pixel RAW files. I am just blown away by the quality of the images this little camera produces.

This past week I was on vacation in California, my family and some friends took a 3 day cruise from Los Angeles to Ensenada, MX, and we also spent an additional two days in San Diego and at my late father's home of Newport Beach. On this vacation, I took only the G9 to photograph with.

I thought this quick post will allow me some additional time to work on some more meaningful post about actual assignments I've been shooting. Anyway, thought you might enjoy seeing some of the images from this wonderful camera.

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Will Foster said...

Dang, I have been thinking about getting a Canon G9 as a "walk around" camera. It is hard to put the money together to buy a $500 "point and shoot" camera. Someday! :)