Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Voice Activated Light Stand

Erik calls himself a voice activated light stand when he's holding a strobe in this manner.

It was an overcast morning when workers started to work in the field at the San Jose, California Airport. The movement around the concrete pillars was fast and less than stationary. By having Erik move with the subject and keeping the same distance, I was able to place light where it was needed. Because of the loud construction taking place in the area, I decided to use the Nikon Command Unit SU-800 to fire the strobe. I was able to control the flash output from my position behind the camera.

Here are a few images using the V.A.L.S.

Erik was holding the strobe just below and to the left of the worker on the concrete pillar.

I'm working on some video from this shoot for you, I'll post it when I'm done with it. DT


xl_photog said...

Everyone should have an Eric. David, looking at the work you do and how well you do it - I now know what I want to be when I grow up. Keep up the great work, the excellent postings, and the informative videos. It's not only the beginners and the amateurs who learn from you.

Martin Murrer said...

agree with xl_photog, keep up your work - best wishes, good paying clients and whatever else you need to go on, best, mm

Charles C Stirk Jr said...

"Everyone should have an Eric."

On that vein any hints of finding & keeping a good assistant ....