Sunday, May 28, 2006

Kiewit Corpus Christi Shoot

Just back from a quick shoot for Kiewit corporation. Kiewit is a large construction company headquartered in Omaha, NE. They have several specialties: highway construction accounts for around 50% of their business, water treatment, off-shore building, and other disciplines make up the other 50%.

I have shot assignments for Kiewit in the past, highway construction near Jackson Hole, WY and helicopter aerials of Interstate 10 in Florida after a hurricane distorted a 3 mile section of the highway. This particular assignment I'm writing about had to do with the off-shore building yard in Corpus Christi. At this location, Kiewit constructs off shore drilling platforms. These structure are huge!

My assignment was to shoot a background image for a capabilities brochure and various other detail shots of steel and other building materials. The background image will be combined with an image of a worker shot later in Omaha.

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jimmy said...

Lovely pictures, please post more of the hld, there are very few images of this amazing crane, the heaviest land-based crane in the world, something that shows its scale, like a person standing at the bottom of one of the arms. Cheers and thanks. E